Saturday, July 30, 2005

A Few Things You Should Know

Jim March from was arrested on felony charges for trying to observe the vote tally from Tuesday's election in San Diego. Read his account of events here. I posted a response lower on the page.

The Ohio election reform advocates on the [J30] listserv have made me aware of Erie Voices, a blog by and now for Elsebeth Baumgartner and Bryan DuBois, two courageous government critics in Ohio who have both been arrested and held under dubious circumstances. I haven't been able to delve deeply enough into this dense site to say more now but I do think their situation is important and these are people we need to be looking after.

For the bigger picture of Ohio's tangled web of corruption, read this from the Columbus, OH Free Press. They also published the press release issued by the Voter Confidence Committee saying we would not accept the results from Arnold's special election this fall, nor any other state or national election held under current conditions.

I have previously written about Paul Lehto, an attorney in WA deeply involved with the election reform movement. His writing is highly regarded by many. I recommend the essay he recently posted on Democratic Underground presenting a broader view of the legal hassles being dealt to citizens acting in defense of Democracy.

In that same piece, Paul also makes explicit use of the phrase "no basis for confidence," both in the body and title. This is phenomenal validation for the frame and phraseology first used in the GuvWurld blog on April 12, 2004 in a letter to the editor of the Eureka Times-Standard. The letter was published (.doc) on April 28. The even bigger validation is here (.pdf), a scanned copy of the signed and official Arcata Resolution No. 056-09, Voter Confidence Resolution.

With thanks again to David Cobb, the Voter Confidence Resolution is also in the official record of the Election Assessment Hearing held in Houston on June 29. The HEAH listserv emerged from this conference and has allowed me to tremendously further my networking with other election reform advocates.

I also want to mention that David and his group Democracy Unlimited put on an amazing event two weeks ago called Skillshare. Community members with all different sorts of interests and skills came to offer their time and wisdom. This excellent concept was very well received and should be emulated elsewhere.

I recently added some new sections to the GuvWurld News Archive. In the Transformational Strategy section you'll see increasing numbers of articles on organizing, specifically longer think pieces that contemplate peaceful revolution. And because so much of the writing and public speaking I've done recently has led me to trace ideas back past the beginning of the GuvWurld blog, I have added a section for GuvWurld Essays and Letters.

And finally, for now, Dennis Kyne checked in with a new CD of songs for peace. It must be an advance copy because I only see his older CD available at Well anyway, his letter said to make copies in part or in whole so tomorrow I'll post an .mp3 of "All We Want Is the Truth." Click here for a summary of Dennis's mentions in the GuvWurld blog.



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