Monday, April 12, 2004

Letter to Eureka Times-Standard: County Registrar Must Explore Basis For No Confidence in Voting

To: Eureka Times-Standard (website submission form)

Dear Editor:

Regarding the confidence level voters have in using touch screen voting machines ("Supervisors to protest possible shutdown of voting system," 4/12/04), I respectfully submit that County Registrar of Voters Carolyn Crnich has missed the point. The issue is really whether voters have a BASIS for having confidence in these machines. Considering the following four points, it is clear this basis for confidence does not exist.

1. Touch screen voting machines are already known to have experienced or caused many errors around the country;
2. Several of the machine manufacturers have executives with appalling conflicts of interest;
3. Bush administration lies of epic proportions have been exposed;
4. Delays by America's corporate media in exposing these lies have clearly led to manipulation of public opinion, seen easily with support for the war in Iraq.

These points obliterate any basis any American has for maintaining confidence in any news reporting, but especially vote results. This applies regardless of the type of voting machine used, but especially when there is no voter-verified paper trail, and even more especially when the machines are made by Diebold (whose CEO has pledged Ohio's electoral votes to Mr. Bush). This may be the first you're hearing of it, but there is a growing movement pressing for a Vote of No Confidence on the US electoral system. Watch for a tipping point coming to a City Council meeting near you.

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