Sunday, June 05, 2005

Are We Helping Voting Machine Companies, or Opposing Them?

This is a great thread at Democratic Underground. My two favorite excerpts:
"Because the voting machine companies are performing the most central governmental function of all by counting votes, we are well beyond corporate influence on government, or even corporate "control"”. The corporations now claim our democracy as their private property."


"The solution is not to aggressively seek new laws, except to the extent of mandating additional disclosure of data results and other things not claimed as trade secrets, but to realize that the imposition of secret vote counting and the contracts for sale of these machines were illegal on the day they were signed. Having never existed (because they are void), there can be no "“taking"” when they are canceled, and the voting companies can go back to the private sector they came from, if they wish to keep secrets."
The author is prominent WA attorney Paul R. Lehto, whose writing I previously referenced here.



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