Thursday, June 17, 2004

Arcata Mayor Confirms No Confidence Resolution To Be Considered At July 7th City Council Meeting

Last week Arcata City Councilman Michael Machi outlined for me the preferred protocol for getting a resolution considered by the Council. So, as recently posted in GuvWurld, on Monday I submitted a cover letter and a copy of the No Confidence resolution to the mail box of each Councilmember at City Hall. It was also recommended that I appear during last night's Council meeting to personally and publicly request a vote on the matter at the next meeting, to be held July 7.

Last night's Council meeting had a lengthy agenda and the segment during which I could make my request is towards the end. Fortunately I could periodically keep my eye on the meeting via the live public access broadcast and the agenda posted on the city website. By the time I headed over to City Hall, the meeting had been going for five hours already. When I arrived, I thought I would still have to wait a while longer. As it turns out, my timing was better than I realized. The Open Communications segment was in progress. As the gentleman speaking to the Council finished his presentation, Mayor Bob Ornelas quickly moved to close the segment of the meeting, without realizing I had arrived to speak, and without my knowing that the meeting had advanced to this portion of the agenda during my brief commute to City Hall. When I tried to approach the podium I was asked to return tonight (Thursday) since some of last night's agenda had been tabled to split the impossibly long meeting into two nights, and the Council would entertain more Open Communications during the meeting's continuation.

Well I was concerned that a timing conflict might now allow me to attend tonight's meeting. At 5:30 this afternoon there will be an action gathering for Humboldt residents who want to get comfortable with presenting the talking points of the No Confidence campaign. We'll be meeting at the home of another campaign volunteer so please contact me directly if you can attend and want directions.

So first thing this morning I called the Mayor to find out the start time for tonight's continued Council meeting, in the hopes I could attend both the action event and the Council meeting. I told him my missed opportunity last night was really only to make the very brief request. He said consider it done. Straight from the Mayor's mouth, THE NO CONFIDENCE RESOLUTION HAS BEEN ADDED TO THE ARCATA CITY COUNCIL AGENDA FOR JULY 7.



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