Monday, June 14, 2004

No Confidence Resolution Formally Submitted To Arcata City Council

June 14, 2004

Members of the Arcata City Council
736 F Street
Arcata, CA 95521

Dear Mayor Ornelas and Councilmembers,

This letter is to request that you consider passing the attached No Confidence resolution at your July 7th meeting. The resolution’s thesis is that we have no BASIS for confidence in the validity and legitimacy of the results reported in United States elections. The online version of the resolution contains nearly 50 links to document the claims warranting this statement (

This resolution, as presented to you, is the culmination of two months of revisions based on consensus building efforts put forth in the community. Input has been solicited and awareness raised not only through my blog, but also through media exposure on KHUM, KMUD, the Arcata Eye and the Eureka Times-Standard, via leaflets, and through direct presentations to community groups. All efforts related to the No Confidence movement are transparent and prior drafts of the resolution may still be read at the blog.

So far, I have yet to encounter a single person claiming to be optimistic, let alone sure, that we will have a certain and unanimously agreed upon election outcome this fall. Confidence will no doubt plummet further as word spreads that Humboldt County itself has used election machines that were federally unqualified, state uncertified, and in some cases both (see: For many, confidence has already been completely lost. The No Confidence resolution demonstrates that the BASIS for confidence no longer even exists.

So, let us take responsibility for not allowing ourselves to be lied to anymore. Let us be the first to acknowledge that the Consent of the Governed, the self-evident truth from which Government derives just Powers, is not even being sought. Let us make this statement so that the rest of the world will know we do not approve of our democracy being made a myth. Let us set an example of how to think globally and act locally. Let us set in motion the cumulative impact of a series of resolutions to be passed in other communities. And let us initiate the national conversation so desperately needed about how to remake democracy around competition in the free market-place of ideas.

All of these amazingly powerful and positive things can come from your passage of the No Confidence resolution, all the while committing Arcata to nothing. The No Confidence resolution will be a symbolic statement of principle at first, and then grow in importance as other communities follow our lead. Codifying this vision will make Arcata the cornerstone in the foundation of change needed to put power back where it belongs, in the hands of We the People.



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