Saturday, April 10, 2004

Vote of No Confidence Resolution

The No Confidence Resolution has a new permalink:

Everything below pertains to phase 1 of the No Confidence Movement in the spring and summer of 2004. The link above represents the beginning of phase 2 and goes to a fully re-written Resolution contemplating the "election" that just happened to us. (11/9/04)

There is a growing body of supporting material for the proposed No Confidence resolution below. If you are interested in tracing the development, this movement was first contemplated here, and in more detail in The Wolf Test. The first draft of the resolution is here, this is version 2.0, v.2.1, v.2.2, v.3.0. Editorials have been published in both the Arcata Eye and Eureka Times-Standard. The No Confidence Campaign Primer was designed to help supporters get comfortable with the talking points and strategy.

The URL below will always link to this entry and this entry will always contain the current version (4.0) of the resolution. Please freely circulate the link.

Whereas, the evidence increasingly reveals fraud being perpetrated in the voting process by preventing or purging voters through illegal and devious means;

Whereas, voting exclusively by electronic and computer voting machines is subject to manipulation and alterations;

Whereas, private financing of campaigns, candidacies, and election machine manufacturing leads to ownership of the political process by a few wealthy people and corporations;

Whereas, winner take all elections deny the diverse points of view in the political decision-making process so necessary in a democracy.

Therefore, be it resolved that: without public financing preempting any further private financing of elections; without a uniform and transparent method of recording and verifying, including the requirement of paper trails, for every vote cast in federal elections; without proportional representation and instant runoff voting to provide maximum freedom in voting one’s conscience; and without a neutral election oversight commission assuring the fairness of all voting processes, the consent of the governed is being denied and this community declares there is no BASIS for confidence in the legitimacy of federal elections in the United States.

Be it further resolved, that this community urges other communities around the United States to adopt "No Confidence" resolutions, such that sufficient consensus emerges to take heed of our nation's original Declaration Of Independence which authorizes "the Right of the People to alter or abolish" our "Form of Government" when it "becomes destructive" of its requirement to derive its "just Powers from the Consent of the Governed."

(last update: 7/1/04 5:20pm PST)

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