Saturday, September 24, 2005

More Sites Notice Voter Confidence Resolution

Last week I posted a list of seven sites that had links to the transcript of my interview in the Lone Star Iconoclast. On September 16, VoteTrustUSA published commentary about the interview (GuvWurld archive), and the Voter Confidence Resolution in general:
Arcata, The Voter Confidence Resolution, and the Importance of Paying Attention

By Warren Stewart, Director of Legislative Issues and Policy, VoteTrustUSA
September 16, 2005

The city council of Arcata in Humboldt County, California recently passed a "“Voter Confidence Resolution"” as reported in an article (link) that has been reprinted on many websites. The resolution, a year and a half in the making and promoted by Humboldt resident and Green Party Presidential candidate David Cobb, gained the support of a wide range of citizens and public interest groups. It establishes a specific platform of election reform measures aimed at encouraging participation, enhancing representation, and ensuring confidence in the accuracy and security of the election process.

One of the resolution'’s authors, Dave Berman, feels this type of initiative, if adopted by cities throughout the country, could have a decisive impact on voter confidence. It would also focus attention on the election process. The article quoted Berman pointing out that "”we must first change the national dialogue". Berman'’s call for a national dialogue of the election process seems both obvious and elusive. It also seems crucial to the cause of ensuring the integrity of our elections. The efforts of those supporting the resolution in Arcata also highlight the necessity of local action.

The resolution rests on a comprehensive eight-point platform that addresses clean money campaigns, election holiday, equal time provisions, more open presidential debates, and preferential voting. It also calls for publicly owned and operated voting processes, voter verified paper records, and public and local citizen oversight of vote counting.

The fact that one would expect such a resolution to emerge from a progressive college town like Arcata should in no way diminish the significance of its success. Not only is proactive election reform at the local, county, and municipal level the most promising avenue for change in terms of resources and influence, it is also the only venue that will really work.

I love that it mentions "many websites" have reprinted the interview. Since posting last week's list, I have also found excerpts of the interview at Howie in Seattle and Jim Sorter told me he too is reprinting an excerpt from the interview in the next Vets For Peace newsletter, due around the start of the month. He has also pledged space in the November newsletter to publish the executive summary of my new white paper, A Blueprint For Peaceful Revolution. This Tuesday the Blueprint will be the basis for my guest lecture at College of the Redwoods. That's a warm-up for next weekend in Portland: National Summit to Save Our Elections.

I also want to recognize the Green Party of Humboldt County, CA which twice voted to endorse versions of the Voter Confidence Resolution. They now have the VCR posted on their site.



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