Saturday, February 12, 2005

Update on Arcata City Council

Today's Eureka Times-Standard has an article about the Arcata City Council and the resolution it is about to consider to create protections in Arcata for those refusing military service:
The proposed resolution says, in part: "The City Council of the city of Arcata supports all troops, and demands that they be brought home now, as previously resolved by this Council (Resolution 045-10) on July 21, 2004.

"Be it further resolved that the City Council of the city of Arcata also supports those military personnel who refuse to participate in the Iraq war, or any other illegal war."

The resolution states that the City Council would demand "that those who refuse to participate in illegal wars not be prosecuted for desertion or related crimes."

It adds that the City Council "will consider what further actions it should take in order to protect from prosecution residents of Arcata who are military personnel, if they choose to disobey orders to participate in any illegal war."
The Times-Standard editorializes about this here. As I wrote in the last entry, the Arcata City Council agendas are posted here, however as of this writing the 2/16 agenda has not yet been posted. This is relevant in that the work on the objector resolution may be preempting the consideration of the No Confidence Resolution and we just won't know for sure until the agenda is posted.

Gotta cut this short - off to present No Confidence at the Humboldt County Green Party General Assembly. Who knew they'd allot 20 minutes for me on the agenda?



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