Friday, January 14, 2005

GuvWurld Week In Review

Never assume from the lack of posts here that nothing is going on. I've been too busy to keep the GuvWurld blog current this week.

The big achievements are two new essays for mainstream publication. The first, shown here, appeared in today's Eureka Times-Standard. The second will appear in next week's edition of the Arcata Eye, due on Tuesday. While not available online, the No Confidence Movement also received coverage this week in the Humboldt Advocate.

On Tuesday night I held a workshop on the strategy and talking points of No Confidence. At the end we each made a phone call to KMUD, leaving a series of messages on the listener comment line for future broadcast.

On Wednesday night the Election Response Committee had its weekly meeting at the Redwood Peace and Justice Center. Planning for Humboldt Day has come a long way.

On Thursday I did an on camera interview for local ch. 12 though I'm not even sure what show it is for. I was told it would air several times thought I don't know when. That's kind of sad, and a bit unlike me, but things are a whirlwind right now and the profile of the No Confidence message is again on the rise.

Other important steps this week included speaking with Arcata Mayor Michael Machi and Councilmember Dave Meserve. Unfortunately, neither one of them agreed to put the No Confidence Resolution on the agenda. Machi is facing pressure to focus specifically on the local community, especially to confront homelessness, and is adjusting to the new role of Mayor. Meserve offered characteristically thoughtful observations which will either have to be addressed in a revision and resubmitted, worked out by the Council if another Councilmember places the current version on the agenda, or worked through with Meserve in a joint effort to put a revised version on the agenda. It will never pass without him. At this point am content to wait until after Humboldt Day to try to engage him again. Also, I am meeting with new Councilmember Harmony Groves next Tuesday and hope to make contact with the other new Councilmember, Paul Pitino, when he returns to town next week.

In Eureka, I spoke with Councilmember Mary Beth Wolford. I appreciate the courtesy of her call but could tell that No Confidence seems radioactive to her. She asked me a question about Humboldt Day and then tried to quickly end our conversation. To her credit, when I said that I am more the point person for No Confidence, she stayed on the phone another ten minutes. I don't want to try to recap it all here but suffice to say she promised to take a closer look at the resolution and keep an eye on the events of Humboldt Day. Despite the optimistic picture I drew last week about getting the resolution on the Council agenda, I think this is the best we will get for now. With the increased media attention, and the growing number of community members joining in the No Confidence call to action, my optimism is now revolving around building this support to a level high enough that denying us a hearing won't be an option. In fact, we are adding to our call to action the need for a town hall forum, even if it has to precede the resolution getting on the agenda.

Last, check out the new leaflet and fliers for Humboldt Day. They are free for download on the right side of this page.



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