Friday, December 31, 2004

More Details on "Humboldt Day" (1/22/05)

Last week I mentioned an event being planned called "Humboldt Day." This will be January 22, 2005, starting at noon at the Gazebo in the old town district of Eureka, CA.

"Humboldt Day" is intended to be a repudiation of the legitimacy of the US government; it will be a new Declaration of Independence; it will be a teach-in on war tax resistance; it will be a community building event, fostering synergy among various community groups all with a vested interest in restoring democracy (grok on environmental sustainability as a universal human right); it will be a day to educate and build support for the No Confidence Resolution; it will include games offered as socially responsible new year's resolutions; and it will further the developing paradigm of peaceful revolution.

Aside from myself, the list of speakers and musicians is still being confirmed. All Humboldt organizations are encouraged to contact me regarding tabling at the event. We have an early version of a leaflet prepared and available for free download. This will be updated with more specifics by next week.

A quick note on the timing. Many people around the US already protesting the recent "election" are gearing up for a big day on Jan. 6 when the electoral votes will be counted, and likely contested by members of the Congress and (hopefully the) Senate. There is now discussion of having a local press conference on that day to address the unfolding events and to announce "Humboldt Day" in a context demonstrating its necessity. Similarly, while I wouldn't be surprised to see demonstrations here on Inauguration Day, 1/20, the actual date of "Humboldt Day" (1/22) was chosen so as not to compete for attention. Also, the nature of declaring our independence begs for the distinction of our own day rather than constructing a response dictated by the terms of the establishment.



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