Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Momentarily Stepping Back

The No Confidence Resolution has been updated slightly to version 5.1. The main change turned the first RESOLVE clause into an additional WHEREAS, softening the statement from a direct rejection of fraud to a more disarming frame about conditions not permitting elections to be beyond question. Earlier tonight I again addressed the Eureka City Council. I presented them with the revised resolution and asked that they consider it on 1/18.

There is some strategy involved with that request as the Council will hold their next meeting on 1/4. Part of what I can share now is that an event called "Humboldt Day" is being planned for 1/22, just two days after the inauguration is scheduled. This will be an outdoor counter-inaugural event and I will be one of several speakers. With the likelihood that the Council will delay final action on the resolution from 1/18 to their next meeting on 2/1, this should help our crowd swell at the most important time.

The revision was borne of evolving talking points and the timing and other strategy elements have been influenced by the constructive criticisms encountered in our community outreach. All this may be a momentary step back, but not a step backwards.



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