Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Update on Dennis Kyne

I have written about Dennis a few times and there is a permalink to his site on the right. Most recently, I reported on September 6, that Dennis was arrested in NYC protesting the Republican convention. Today Dennis writes:
On October 25th the motions for dismissal of the eight charges against me were denied

I am scheduled to re-appear before the judge on 17 November, 2004 a Wednesday on Tuesday, November 16th at 7am West Coast Time Joyce Riley has invited my lawyer and I to speak with her for an hour long discussion on what is happening now and what was happening in New York during the convention that 50,000 people attended and a million protested this is the link to the show

This is a widely recognized internet show In addition, I am still traveling the country, and will be speaking at the School Of America protest this year as well. As most of you know, all speakers for that event pay their own ways, I always pay my way, and I do it with help from all of you. The private legal advice I am getting is 100% funded from donations. If you can help, or talk someone in to helping

PO Box 720254
San Jose, CA 95172
is where we take donations at

On November 17th I will be in JURY 2 at 9:30 in the morning at 100 Centre Street, Manhattan for the evidenciary hearing if anyone can make it, or talk someone in to making it, thank you.

Like Bear said in BIG WEDNESDAY, "You don't need friends when everything is going great."

In Peace and In Truth



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