Sunday, September 12, 2004

Election News and Other Suggested Reading

During the recent GuvWurld hiatus, James at Cities For Peace sent a few items that I only just now added to the GuvWurld News Archive. Chief among these is the Building Confidence Resolution passed by the Arcata City Council as a means of sidestepping the No Confidence Resolution developed here. I can't find any other copies of this online. What does this say about whether this resolution was lip service?

Also added: a Hamtramck, MI City Council resolution insisting there be no delay in the 2004 presidential election, and a press release about the Ferndale, MI City Council approving a referendum on IRV.

Those two are not the most exciting news but they are an important part of the record that the GuvWurld archive aspires to be. Of the more headline variety, see:

How can these stories do anything but reinforce the idea that there is NO BASIS for confidence in the legitimacy of US elections?



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