Sunday, July 18, 2004

They're sending my friend to Iraq

I just found out the US Army is sending an old friend to Iraq.  I am unable to attend a send off gathering but want him to know that not only will I support him, I will keep fighting for his freedom while he's gone.  I know that's backwards from the propaganda, but it's the truth.  There is no government but ours threatening to take more rights away with Patriot Act II.  There is no al Qaeda or Iraqi resistance cell preparing to declare martial law on San Francisco.  And whether our election is called off or just held for show again, my friend in Iraq won't really be in a position to deal with it.

I know when he leaves for Iraq he'll be going from bad to worse.  But what about when he returns?  After all, we're warned that by then we may see a terrorist atrocity lead to the cancellation of elections and martial law.  He'll leave the war to come home to the war.  I am not hoping for this.  I hope he comes back and can resume his happy life in San Francisco.  Still, I'm concerned that he could be among the 20% reportedly suffering from post traumatic stress.  Worse, he might be excluded from statistics for political purposes, like the tens of thousands suffering from
DU exposure. 

Again, that's not what I wish for him or anyone.  I can't help thinking ahead to his safe return.  Positive visualization is useful.  Let me tell you what else I want to see:

A small town passes a
resolution.  It says there is no BASIS for confidence in American elections.  It says the Consent of the Governed is being denied.

Other communities pass similar statements and the national dialog begins to change.  The Consent of the Governed is being withdrawn. 

These communities begin to coordinate and build consensus.  We aim to restore a genuine participatory democracy encouraging competition of ideas. 

I hope I will hug my friend again some day.  I hope when that happens, he has understood that the best way anybody could support the troops is to replace this government that is
addicted to war.  



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