Thursday, July 01, 2004

No Confidence Resolution Makes Giant Leap to v.4.0

The No Confidence Movement does indeed have a lot of momentum, as was reported in today's Eureka Times-Standard. Unbeknownst to reporter Meghan Vogel, influential and accomplished peace activist S. Brian Wilson has leant his considerable writing skills to the cause and I am now thrilled to direct your attention to version 4.0 of the No Confidence resolution.

While some of the details included in prior versions have been removed, the brevity of this new version makes it a lot easier to grasp the connections between the top (whereas) and bottom (resolve) sections. Ultimately, reading the new version leaves me even more optimistic that we will get the three necessary votes from the City Council next Wednesday (July 7). And even more importantly, this streamlined edition of the resolution makes it absolutely clear that we have no BASIS for confidence in US federal elections and that we urge other communities to join with us in invoking the powerful words of the Declaration of Independence.

Read the resolution.



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