Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Lawsuits Emerge On Parallel Track to No Confidence Movement

In early versions of the No Confidence resolution (now on version 4.0), one of the reasons given for having no BASIS for confidence was Florida's rule banning re-counts of votes cast on touch-screen machines. This insanity is now being challenged in court.

I wrote about another important legal development on Sunday. Bev Harris and Andy Stephenson have been keeping quiet about this for several months as one of the conditions of the suit moving forward. Now they have issued a press release that details how they are helping California, under official whistle blower terms, to collect money defrauded by Diebold. A victory in this case would taste especially delicious as their unique whistle blower status falls under an arcane legal provision called Qui Tam which apportions a percentage of the settlement to whistle blowers who help the government recoup fraud losses. Harris and Stephenson intend to put their potential reward toward funding their Black Box Voting organization.

It seems Meghan Vogel has picked up the No Confidence Movement as part of her beat at the Eureka Times-Standard. I called her this afternoon to see if she knew about the Qui Tam suit. I was pleased to learn she had heard about it on NPR this morning. Even better, she suggested there was somebody else at the paper I should speak with. James Tressler was then grateful when I referred him to the R&G report (.pdf) I've previously referenced here describing how some of Diebold's election machines in Humboldt County fail to meet federal standards, some lack state certification, and some fall short on both counts. Perhaps now we'll finally see a more thorough investigation reported in our local press.

Time prohibits me from updating every No Confidence Movement-related thread right now but I urge everyone to circulate the link to the GuvWurld blog: http://guvwurld.blogspot.com. Also, it would be of immense service to the No Confidence Movement if I could get some IT assistance for one specific goal. Please contact me if you have the requisite skills (perhaps PERL or ASP) to create an automated subscription service so readers can sign up to receive individual messages or daily or weekly digests. I am not looking for an RSS feed. Thank you.



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