Saturday, June 12, 2004

Report: Humboldt County Election Machines NOT Certified

Thursday's Eureka Times-Standard editorial has presented the No Confidence movement with its first real response-warranting challenge. Jane Allen of San Francisco submitted the following response to the paper and has given me permission to print it here (thanks Jane, and way to go!).

Your editorial states that there are no problems with Humboldt County elections. If you will read the April 16, 2004 report to the Secretary of State prepared by R&G Associates, you will see that Humboldt County does have potential problems:

"The precinct count optical scan equipment and firmware is federally qualified but is not State certified. The central count optical scan equipment and firmware is not federally qualified or State certified. The DRE equipment and firmware is not federally qualified and is State certified; however, records to date are unable to verify if the version number that is being used is the version that was certified."

A summary of this report is online at:

The entire R&G audit report for the 41 non-Diebold counties is online at:

Please consider submitting your own letter, and feel free to cite this new information in conjunction with the talking points found in the No Confidence Campaign Primer. This reference will be included in the next update to the No Confidence resolution. I plan to publish that on Sunday night in advance of formally submitting the document to the Arcata City Council on Monday morning. This is by no means a final deadline to submit suggested changes but it is clearly an important milestone after which changes should really only be coming from the Councilmembers themselves.



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