Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Calling All Cities For Peace

The No Confidence Movement is branching out. In the past week I've talked to people in seven states outside of California, plus several people in different parts of the Bay Area. I've asked these folks to start sending me updates to post here. This will help us continue to develop a template for efforts in new towns. Plus, as I've been pleased and positively reinforced in discovering, the ideas generated in these collaborations are wonderfully illustrative of the strategies described in Advocacy Journalism, The Least You Can Do, and The No Confidence Movement.

I also had the excellent fortune of meeting James Suggett on Monday night. He was on the Arcata Plaza just prior to the meeting at RPJC and accepted my invitation to join us. It turns out he works for Cities For Peace.

"Cities for Peace is a rapidly growing coalition of local elected officials and concerned citizens working to get their City Councils and other civic bodies to pass resolutions against a war on Iraq."

Probably not coincidentally, I was referred to CFP last week and spoke briefly with Amy Quinn who asked me to e-mail Karen Dolan to whom James is an assistant. I have yet to hear back from Karen though I take James's word for it that I will. It looks like the way this group is set up may be the perfect infrastructure to really nurture the beginnings of the No Confidence movement in multiple places at once. On top of that, CFP is partnered very closely with the National Priorities Project whom I mention often. I am now starting to detect synergy.

Meghan Vogel at the Eureka Times-Standard called me today. She is working on a follow-up article to the June 5 piece. At the end of the day she sent a brief e-mail saying she hadn't been able to reach Mayor Ornelas and so she was going to put the story off a day in hopes of catching him tomorrow. If the story still isn't ready to run by Thursday, she said she would run a brief announcement about the Vets For Peace meeting at which they'll consider endorsing the No Confidence resolution.

I also recorded my interview with KBOO this morning. It will air in Portland on 90.7FM this Friday morning at 8:30am PST. Click the link to listen live online. Scott Silver was also very gracious in agreeing to set me up with an .mp3. I expect I won't have that until after it has aired. Also the Portland leaflet is now available for download.

Finally, in this past week I have seen that the general pitch on the No Confidence Movement can be delivered and understood in under a minute. Of course, the more I do it the easier it gets and the more comfortable I am adapting on the fly. There is also a growing emphasis on the novelty of our strategies. Unlike the way the talking points are organized in the No Confidence Campaign Primer, this is a version of the pitch where the big picture goals are described first and our specific strategies are laid out as means to an end. It fires me up intensely to see people agree with the goals and that they have heard no better plan to get there.



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