Saturday, June 26, 2004

Arcata Mayor To Lend "Voice and Name" To No Confidence Movement

Arcata Mayor Bob Ornelas has come out in favor of the No Confidence resolution to be considered by his City Council on July 7th. This is a substantial victory that I had hoped to share a week ago. The announcement is included in a new essay that was originally written as an "exclusive" for another website, leaving me at the mercy of their timetable for publication. Unfortunately, they have since reneged on their commitment to post the piece on their site. I can't do anything about the time that has been lost. However, as this essay covers new ground in the realm of strategy for social change, I am eager to share and it is now posted in the GuvWurld News Archive as I continue to seek other sites willing to provide exposure. Please check it out, pass it on, and post it to other sites that may permit you to do so.



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