Thursday, May 13, 2004

VNC Resolution Gains More Momentum

Thanks to the members of Veterans For Peace Chapter 56, and to the other community members who attended tonight's meeting. One guy drove quite a distance after hearing the KMUD interview this morning. The wife of Arcata City Councilman Michael Machi also heard me on KMUD talking about building a consensus to support the Vote of No Confidence resolution. Mr. Machi approached me after the meeting and asked what I was doing to win over audiences less friendly than VFP 56. I looked him in the eye and said that magical political cliche: "I want your vote." I asked him who he wanted me to convince so that he would feel as if supporting the resolution would be accurately representing his constituents. He didn't name names but he did say I could call him tomorrow to discuss arranging an audience.

As for VFP, there was a real openness to the idea. The next step is to have them consider endorsing the resolution when they meet again in three weeks. There are also now a few people who have volunteered to work on actions, perhaps collecting signatures. This cause would be well served by some voices other than mine getting into the community and stirring up conversation.

I also made contact with some leaders from WILPF (Women's International League for Peace and Freedom). I expect they will get me on the agenda for their next meeting but I don't yet know when that will be.

Finally, I must publicly ask for assistance in setting up this blog for automated subscriptions with individual, daily digest and weekly digest options. This is not an RSS thing and I can't seem to find anyplace that has stock code to set this up. Perhaps someone who knows PERL can help? Please e-mail me.



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