Saturday, May 01, 2004

Vets For Peace Confirm VNC Presentation

On Thursday, May 13 at 7pm, I'll be addressing the Arcata, CA chapter of Veterans For Peace regarding the Vote of No Confidence resolution. It is worth noting that this meeting is NOT being held on May 6 because group members (and me too) are planning to attend the special showing of The Corporation at the Minor Theater in Arcata. This movie deals with the huge issue of Corporate Personhood (.pdf) and has been hailed as the next Bowling For Columbine. I haven't yet had a chance to write much about CP here but I would like to acknowledge the great work of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) and also Persons, Inc. Anyway, I can't think of a better reason to delay the meeting a week. Plus, this allows for a lot more follow-up to happen from the Peace and Justice Center meeting on May 5 (6pm).

I have also confirmed that the Eureka Times-Standard did indeed run my recent letter to the editor. Because their website doesn't display such content, I went to the newspaper office and bought a hard copy. I also met briefly with the editor and gave him a flier (.doc) for the PJC event. He was polite and respectful, challenging me somewhat but also allowing that I am pushing the envelope in a credible, reasoned and newsworthy way. He said they would run an event announcement and try to get a reporter to the meeting (the Arcata City Council meeting may preclude this). Later, another paper staffer called for comment.

I still intend to add the printed letter to the GuvWurld archive but my scanner is not cooperating. The page is also laid out awkwardly with my letter beginning at the bottom of column one and finishing at the top of column two. It won't all fit on a single page unless I cut it all up which will look crappy.

Regarding my recent discovery of Dr. Robert Bowman, whose positions I complimented here, I did call him as promised. Much to my surprise, he personally answered my call. He was kind and courteous enough to speak with me for about five minutes. He then asked me to e-mail him more info on the VNC resolution. I received a perplexing reply about two hours later merely saying thanks and good luck. I expect a man supposedly running for president will not object to a more persistent request for comment from a person in support of his platform.

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