Sunday, May 16, 2004

Support the Truth

Through my recent contact with the Veterans For Peace, I met a highly decorated former Army air medic named Dennis Kyne. A veteran of the first Gulf war, Dennis's recent book is called Support The Truth, a brief and blunt exercise in speaking truth to power (read the Idaho Observer review).


"...why do we as humans see killing and death as normal and acceptable?...killing and death are not acceptable, however, it is easy to understand that as long as we perceive them as such, wars will continue to occur."

"Not only did Americans slaughter Americans in Operation Desert Storm*, not only did Americans slaughter innocent civilians and the environment, not only did Americans lie to Americans and the international community about nuclear weapons programs, America did lose the war. It was lost strategically, statistically, qualitatively, politically, and most of all economically."

*Kyne cites an MIT study showing 75% of American deaths in Gulf War I were due to friendly fire

"In January of 2000, The Bureau of Justice Statistics released a special report on incarcerated veterans...18,500 Persian Gulf War Veterans are in prison."

Dennis Kyne has a long family history of military service and an unimpeachable reputation himself. That he is speaking out is an example for others and an educational opportunity for the rest of us. In particular, Dennis is striving to raise awareness of Depleted Uranium (DU), the radioactive waste the US has used to implement the world's smallest nuclear weapons. I touched on this a little bit last month, but here you can listen to Dennis and other renowned experts speaking at the World Uranium Weapons Conference in Hamburg, Germany last October.

Dennis is currently touring the country by bus, selling his self-published book for $5 and couch surfing with fellow Veterans For Peace. Beyond DU, Dennis's broader theme shows how the US military chews up and spits out its human capital, leaving the world and America's defenses worse for wear. Dennis exposes the myth of the US propaganda line "Support The Troops," demonstrating the least supportive agent of all is the US government. Dennis is well educated, articulate and supportive of the No Confidence movement. I am honored and we are all fortunate that my new friend will now be taking the message of our campaign on the road with him.



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