Friday, May 14, 2004

No Confidence Presentation Tentatively Set With Arcata Chamber of Commerce

I spoke with Arcata City Councilman Michael Machi earlier tonight. He is a self-proclaimed moderate who has never been registered with a political party. He considers himself to be in the minority on the Council. And he emphasized the clear point of last night's chat which was that he wants to see consensus building.

Now it just so happens that the banner beneath the title of this blog carries a wonderful consensus building meme. "What would be better?" is going to see to it that objections or concerns that may be raised are turned into improvements, or perhaps concessions, in the language of the Vote of No Confidence resolution. The strength of this frame is the certainty that the resolution is supported.

Mr. Machi said it was a simple thing to arrange for me to meet with the Arcata Chamber of Commerce. The time will be confirmed on Monday.

Two other things I thought it was great to hear. Mr. Machi claims the mantle of swing voter on the Council. And he will be "very impressed" with me if I get support from the Chamber. I appreciate the fairness of his "show me" attitude given that he is giving me a stage on which to have my requested audition.

Although I know Mr. Machi has reviewed the resolution I don't know if he is keeping current with this blog. I also don't know his opinion on my ongoing commentary here but as far as I'm concerned this is part of the transparency of a public project. It is in the interest of this endeavor's goals to be making updates available and I look forward to seeing the comments feature get used as the readership here picks up.



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