Thursday, May 27, 2004

FL Eliminates Witness Requirement For Absentee Ballots

Miami Herald Article (in GuvWurld archive, links to original)


"The problem with doing away with the witness signature should be obvious to anyone who has lived in Miami. Absentee ballot fraud has long been a problem in South Florida, with candidates often buying ballots, or worse, stealing them from unsuspecting people in nursing homes and condominiums. A city of Miami election in 1997 was overturned after such fraud."

"By taking away the witness requirement, the governor and the Legislature not only made it easier for corruption to take place -- which in itself is a fairly amazing feat -- but they have also made it more difficult to catch."

As if we need another reason to say: "We have no BASIS for confidence in the validity and legitimacy of the results reported in United States elections."

Read the No Confidence resolution. Get involved.



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