Thursday, April 22, 2004

This is a general update

I wish this week had afforded me more time to post quick entries. At one point I was thinking about how we've gone from hearing about deflation to inflation in a matter of months.

Mostly I've been focused on the Vote of No Confidence resolution. As I suggested in the last entry, I have been booked to speak at the Redwood Peace and Justice Center in Arcata, CA on May 5th at 6pm.

After a disappointing response to my first communique, I am again reaching out to Lynn Landes (her latest: Republicans Walk Out Of Federal Hearing On Voting Machines). The above event will be a community discussion which I will be leading, and which I have asked Lynn to cover as a newsworthy event rather than a petition or other activist project. (Besides, I embrace the re-frame of activism as public service.)

If you haven't been reading Axis of lately, I direct your attention there. I'll soon be announcing more about this site as there is something new happening each day with this resolution.

I am encountering a steady stream of validation. I highly recommend it. It feels quite good.

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