Friday, April 30, 2004

The Death of Conspiracy Theory

Wednesday's NYTimes contained an interesting backstory about a 2-man Pentagon team responsible for a lot of questionable intelligence.

This passage jumped out at me:

"Mr. Feith, meanwhile, was eager to continue the work and turned it over to two D.I.A. analysts detailed to him. In the spring and summer of 2002, Christina Shelton, another agency analyst assigned to him, was reviewing old intelligence reports on Al Qaeda when she saw patterns suggesting connections [emphasis by GuvWurld] between the Baghdad regime and the group. "

I've been realizing lately that the Vote of No Confidence resolution has not generated charges of paranoia or conspiracy. I've been wanting to believe this is because of the cumulative credibility of the many serious sources that are speaking out, and the relative vacuum of credibility the administration has intact. Now I see it is a little bit more than this too. "Patterns suggesting connections" seems to be describing, by definition, a conspiracy. The tables are turning.

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