Friday, April 30, 2004

Catching up, again

The Arcata Eye has confirmed that next week's edition will contain an editorial I wrote. This sets up next Wednesday's discussion at the Peace and Justice Center. PJC has volunteers putting up fliers and in the next day or two I'll be blasting an invite to over 600 members of their listserv too.

The Vote of No Confidence resolution is also getting some support now from a key member of the local Vets For Peace. I await date/time confirmation for the invitation I've received to speak before their membership.

My persistence with Lynn Landes has shown progress too. We recently spoke for about 30 minutes and though she declined to promote the resolution outright, she said she would likely write about our conversation. The best thing I think I got out of the exchange is a new frame: I am making news worthy of her coverage.

Today I learned from one of my City Council contacts that the letter I wrote to the editor of the Eureka Times-Standard on April 12 appeared in the paper earlier this week. Having not heard from the paper to confirm my authorship, I had given up on this piece. I still haven't seen it. The paper doesn't put letters to its editor on its website so tomorrow I intend to get a hard copy and scan the letter into the GuvWurld news archive.

I'm also attempting some new outreach. The Media Carta project at Adbusters is worth a peek, and it sent me off trying to contact someone there about the synergy with the VNC resolution.

Likewise, this Baltimore Chronicle essay by Dr. Robert Bowman prompted me to spend quite a bit of time on his site. It seems ironic to discover at this time a person who has written an extensive platform reflecting my dream candidate. He appears to be taking all the more aggressive postures I once encouraged Dennis Kucinich to take (to no avail). Dr. Bowman is running for president amid a system set up to discount the mere possibility. It seems likely he knows this. For anyone to emerge at this time as an alternative to Bush and Kerry requires a fundamental shift in the public's willingness to consider new possibilities. The VNC resolution could create this shift and I will be calling Dr. Bowman's office tomorrow.

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