Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Humboldt Supervisors Hearing on Elections Delayed One Week

This morning I posted that the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors would be including an item about election conditions on their 3/14 agenda. This claim was based on public statements made by Supervisor John Woolley, at the 2/28 Supervisors meeting, and also Clerk/Recorder Carolyn Crnich, speaking at the 3/2 Election Advisory Committee meeting. I have since learned from Lora Canzoneri, Clerk of the Board, that the topic is being pushed back to the 3/21 meeting of the Supes because Crnich is going to be out of town.

Indeed, I confirmed these travel plans with Crnich herself who told me that she is going to be attending a three day training conducted by Diebold. This will occur in Rocklin, in Placer County, next Monday through Wednesday. Crnich informed me that the training will pertain to Diebold OS machines and the GEMS central tabulator software. The importance of her attendance is underscored, she said, because currently only two Humboldt employees have had the training and one is retiring soon.

When I asked Crnich if she could raise concerns at this gathering on behalf of citizens such as myself, who think we shouldn't be using voting equipment that is plainly illegal, she likened the issue to jaywalking, another technically illegal act that people "just do." Lawlessness ain't just for unelected presidents anymore, don't ya know.

Meanwhile, Vote-PAD has yet to deliver its proposal to Humboldt County. Depending on the timing, this may or may not represent a potential reprieve from the County's original intent (.pdf) to buy Diebold TSx touch screen machines in order to comply with the disabled voter requirements of the Help America Vote Act (HAVA). If the proposal arrives in time, the 3/21 Supes meeting could still focus, as a best case scenario, on approving this non-electronic alternative voting method for handicapped people to vote privately and independently.

This would be a great victory that would leave us then only to combat the continued use of Humboldt's existing Diebold OS optical scan machines. On the other hand, let's acknowledge the possibility that Crnich will come back from Rocklin with a contract for touch screen machines. When you oversee bogus elections, the possibility of lying to the public isn't too much of a stretch.

At any rate, planning for a legal challenge and the hand-counted paper ballots proposal continue to move forward as a comprehensive response. I am still urging all able voices to attend and speak out before the Supes, only plan for 3/21 and not 3/14 as I previously wrote.

Finally, if you typically read the GuvWurld blog in your e-mail, please consider making extra visits to the actual blog site starting later tonight. There are many important stories breaking today and I will likely be posting links that won't be sent around to your e-mail. There is also an enormous resource available in the GuvWurld News Archive.



Jaywalking vs rigging elections with electronic voting machines.

Humm well this is a hard one to jaywalkers are guilty of walking across the street, not using gas of course, which goes against the fact that America is addicted to Oil. Imagine if everyone started jaywalking and quit driving we would lose our addiction, (if its possible to lose and addiction) and the huge oil companys would lose their record profits. If they didn't have so much money, which is giving them control of everything, maybe they couldn't lobby for electronic voting machines. So what I think Crnich is saying is that Jaywalking will somehow lead to the downfall of electronic voting machines and Americas addiction to oil. :)

I had to reach real deep for that one because obviously comparing jaywalking to rigging elections is rediculous.

By Anonymous Mrspeeker, at 12:24 PM  

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