Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Election News, Meetings and Events From The Voter Confidence Committee

In this Voter Confidence Committee Newsletter:

1. Peace March 3/18
2. VCC planning meeting 3/20
3. Humboldt County Supervisors meeting 3/21
4. Demand Your Democracy Forum 4/11
5. Links and suggested reading


1. This Saturday, March 18 is the Peace March in Eureka. Gather at the
Eureka Municipal Auditorium on F St at 11:30. The end point of the march is
the Old Town Gazebo. The VCC will be tabling at both ends of the rally.
Please stop by and grab some leaflets to hand out for the Demand Your
Democracy Forum (more on that below).

2. Monday night, March 20 is the next VCC meeting at 1445 Fernwood in
McKinleyville. All are welcome. We will review planning for the DYD Forum
but mostly focus on preparation for the Supervisors' meeting the following

3. Tuesday, March 21 is the next meeting of the Humboldt County Board of
Supervisors. The agenda has not yet been published but we expect election
conditions to be discussed (another VCC newsletter will confirm on Monday).
Polite and passionate speakers are greatly needed to escalate the resistance
to the illegal Diebold machines that count our votes in secret.

Specifically, the VCC advocates the following: no purchase of new Diebold
touch screen machines, instead using Vote-PAD to satisfy legal requirements
for disabled voters; AND, no more use of Humboldt's currently owned Diebold
machines because they count our votes in secret and they are not compliant
with state and federal law. Instead, the VCC advocates hand-counted paper
ballots for the June 6 primary. For specific background details refer to
the links below.

4. Save the date, Tuesday April 11 and join the VCC at 7pm for the first
Demand Your Democracy Forum at HSU Founders Hall Rm. 118. Local NAACP
leaders will discuss the historic struggle for the franchise. 2004 Green
Party Presidential Candidate David Cobb will talk about the Ohio recount.
And VCC co-founder Dave Berman will give an update on the Diebold situation
and the next action steps to address Humboldt election conditions. Fliers
and posters for this event will be available at Saturday's peace rally.
These documents are also available at the links shown below. Please
download and distribute.

5. Links and suggested reading

Demand Your Democracy Forum leaflets (6 to a page) (.pdf)

Demand Your Democracy Forum poster (8.5 x 11, b&w) (.pdf)

Demand Your Democracy Forum poster (8.5 x 11, color) (.pdf)

Humboldt Advocate: Interview with Dave Berman on Diebold (.pdf)

GuvWurld Blog: Vote-PAD Demo Well Received in Humboldt

Note that the VCC website is being revamped. Most of the old content can be
found on the VCC History page. Please let us know if your webmaster skills
can help keep the site current.

The Voter Confidence Committee



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