Friday, February 10, 2006

Human Relations Commission of Palo Alto Unanimously Adopts Voter Confidence Resolution

In the heart of Silicon Valley last night the Human Relations Commission of Palo Alto, CA voted unanimously to adopt the Voter Confidence Resolution (VCR) based on the declaration first developed here in the GuvWurld Blog. Commission Chair Shauna Wilson said that "since the Federal Government does not appear to be taking the lead on Voter Confidence, local initiatives are necessary in order to encourage a participatory democracy."

GuvWurld has been promoting the VCR since April 2004. The first major success came on July 20, 2005 when the City Council of Arcata, CA became the first in the nation to adopt this groundbreaking statement. The strategy behind the VCR has always called for a growing number of communities to adopt their own customized version based on the original template. See the Guide to the Voter Confidence Resolution for more details on the vision for collectively withdrawing the Consent of the Governed.

Wilson says Palo Alto's City Council is now likely to consider adopting the VCR though there is no date set yet and consideration does not guarantee passage. Bay Area readers are strongly encouraged to exert their influence on the Council by whatever means available. For contact info click here.



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