Monday, November 07, 2005

World Can't Wait (Re-Cap)

This past Wednesday was the first anniversary of the last presidential "election." Over 180 protests occurred around the U.S., affiliated under the notion that the World Can't Wait another three years for regime change in America.

I started my day early, arriving at Humboldt State University around 8am. I was in a small but gradually increasing circle of people passing around a microphone and hand-held amp. I spoke for perhaps three minutes, concluding with a plug for Tuesday's parallel election.

Arcata City Councilmember Dave Meserve gave an excellent speech, one I've been wanting to give for a while myself. Taking a page straight out of the Blueprint For Peaceful Revolution, Meserve said he had come across a list that morning, a list that reminded him a lot of America. He then proceeded to mention each item on the list followed by a few current examples of each. Naturally, Meserve's list was the 14 characteristics of fascism identified by Laurence W. Britt based on studying the commonalities of seven fascist regimes throughout history.

I cut away from the protest for about an hour and then rejoined around 11:15am at the Federal building (post office) at 5th/H in Eureka. Peaceful demonstrators occupied all four corners of the intersection. Police presence was heavy and noticeable to all. We were being watched very closely, even photographed and video taped. At one point I observed a cop in riot gear standing outside the post office. I learned later that the entire post office lobby was full of such intimidating figures standing by for their excuse to attack.

Fortunately, our dissent at the post office that day fit within the narrow band of acceptability and the harassment we endured was limited to jaywalking citations. If all of this sounds hum-drum, perhaps it is the result of another demonstration organized without a plan or goal to produce tangible change.
"1-2-3, what are we fighting for? Well I don't give a damn, the next stop is the County Slam."
The big news of the day occurred as 37 people rode bicycles in a critical mass from HSU to Eureka. I wasn't at the post office for long before I started hearing about a road block that had been set up and several students who had been taken down. The police allegedly got pretty physical with some of the students who were then taken to jail. The Eureka Times-Standard covered the story here and here. The Eureka Reporter also had coverage here and here.

I've seen some pictures, and I've heard that video exists. Nobody should be surprised if this becomes another in a series of multi-year Humboldt lawsuits between law enforcement and peaceful demonstrators. For insight into how the police can villainize unarmed bicycle riding college coeds en route to a peace rally, read We Are Being Set Up: The Manchurian Nation. That is my commentary on Michel Chossudovsky's analysis of a leaked report from the Homeland Security Council. This supports and expands upon the description of the faith-based community as depicted in the Blueprint For Peaceful Revolution.

Likewise, see this Media Matters column from Friday which provides a long list of newspaper quotes citing falling and "new low" poll numbers for Mr. Bush, interspersed with quotes from TV news repeatedly citing Bush's improvement and "rebound." See it for what it is: obvious contradictions that create inherent uncertainty and are intentionally divisive along the fault line that is the rift in the perception of reality between the faith-based and reality-based communities. This is what fuels the Cold Civil War.



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