Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Parallel Poll Worker Training Session, Fri 5:30pm

The Voter Confidence Committee will be conducting a Parallel Election training session this Friday, 11/4, at 5:30pm at the Liquid Cafe in Eureka's Burre Center (map).

Volunteers will be trained for conducting the Parallel Election next Tuesday, 11/8, when Californians also vote in the special election. Volunteering means serving as a parallel poll worker, encouraging voters to cast a second, secret, parallel ballot that goes in the parallel ballot box until we count the votes by hand, in public, after the polls close.

The parallel election is a way to double-check the accuracy of the official votes counted on trade-secret Diebold software. Please see this press release for more details.

Also listen for my interview with Mike Dronkers on KHUM, Thursday at 1pm. If you're outside of Humboldt tune in at

If you are in Humboldt, and you missed it on Monday, I'll be on TV again Thursday night for Seeking Solutions with Eileen McGee. That's ch. 12 @ 6pm, though I come on at about 6:45. I've got this on DVD and will make it available online soon.



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