Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Hypothetical Occupation of America

Lots of new readers have been finding GuvWurld since I wrote We Are Being Set Up: The Manchurian Nation (many thanks to Angry Girl for the link). This is a commentary on Michel Chossudovsky's analysis of a leaked report from the Homeland Security Council.

The report lends weight to the idea that the government is intentionally dividing Americans, largely by creating a rift in the common perception of reality. Much of this revolves around creating fear, and planning to evade or overcome something traumatic. With such great influence over corporate owned media, the government's propaganda reinforces scenarios and paradigms presented for the purposes of disaster training and emergency preparedness.
The "scenarios" and anti-terrorist exercises develop observance and compliance by public officials, law enforcement, intelligence, military and civilian federal and State employees, etc.
This is the breeding ground of the Manchurian Nation, inhabited by many people superficially appearing as upstanding members of the establishment while simultaneously oppressing the ideals and values for which the establishment supposedly stands.

In trying to think like it seems the Homeland Security Council does, I found myself wondering what a sustained foreign attack on America might do. Not listed in the leaked report is a hypothetical occupation of America by a liberating force that comes to defeat fascism and free the American people. Well of course Homeland Security won't plan, or at least not publicly plan, a response to that. But what about us? Aiding and abetting the enemy is a serious thing. Many people, and I think I'd be one of them, would consider this hypothetical to contain two sets of enemies of America, each at war with the other and both likely looking to use as pawns.

Perhaps, just maybe, this might be a place from which we could possibly come close to beginning to imagine the plight of Iraqis today. I don't suggest we ask John Kerry for his help but we might think about what it will take to develop a "smarter, tougher, more effective" insurgency to drive out the invaders and take control over own affairs.

"We're not waiting for another attack. We can't wait for another attack to employ the full power of America in this cause. We're acting now to protect the American people and to shape a future of peace."



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