Saturday, November 26, 2005

Eureka Greens Adopt Voter Confidence Resolution

Last Saturday there was a meeting of the Eureka Greens, a group I didn't know existed. As a result of that meeting, the top item currently on their website (permalink) is their adoption of the Voter Confidence Resolution. It appears they adopted the version I just linked which is what the Arcata City Council famously adopted on July 20, 2005. At the conclusion, the Greens added the following paragraph:
Resolved, The Secretary shall transmit this resolution to the GPHC General Assembly and all GPHC Locals, GPCA State Coordinating Committee and Green Issues Working Group, Emerald Region of the GPCA and constituent county organizations, Voter Confidence Committee, Velvet Revolution, President George W. Bush, Senators Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein, Congressman Mike Thompson, Senator Wes Chesbro, Assemblymember Patty Berg and the media.
That's awesome that they feel so motivated to do all that outreach. It fits perfectly with the strategy brainstorming I've been involved with recently and so I would like to put out a call for volunteers now, to the Eureka Greens and all GuvWurld readers.

We need to expand the direct contact with Mayors and Councilmembers beyond Humboldt, as we did back in August. If you can contribute to a little internet research, e-mail and phone campaign, please contact me or come to the next meeting of the Voter Confidence Committee, every Monday at 6pm, at the Liquid Cafe in Eureka's Burre Center (map).



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