Thursday, October 13, 2005

Links and Suggested Reading

I've been thinking about where to submit for publication the Blueprint For Peaceful Revolution. Harper's magazine had come to mind and then I came across this piece from the latest issue, We Now Live In A Fascist State. This piece is amazing. It illustrates how the creep of fascism in America has been ongoing for 30 years and only became detectable to some in the past few years. The interesting premise is that fascism has historically been popular with the people oppressed by it, and America has ushered it in similarly, although with the twist that this time the upper class and even young adults are the ones most accepting.

Also check out Bob Cesca's Huffington Post column where he describes the same phenomenon I have called Black Kettles (statements that would be more true if the speaker was referring to himself). Cesca credits Mark Crispin Miller with also writing about this and calling it "projectivity." That sums it up too.

PrissyPatriot is the first blogger I have found who has written about the Blueprint. That's OK. The stats counter at the GuvWurld News Archive shows an inordinately high number of readers have checked out.

This is a plug for parallel elections, described by Lynn Landes here, and detailed in a site set up by Judy Alter here. I met Judy at the recent National Summit to Save Our Elections. She is in SoCal and wants to help people throughout the state and nation become prepared to carry out this act of diligence and vigilance in concert with our next so-called "elections."

Keith Olbermann over at MSNBC has put together an important collection of bogus terror threats from the past few years, each ultimately meritless but conspicuously timed to distract from bad news for the government. This is yet another illustration of the inherent uncertainty tactic employed to ensure We The People will find it impossible to have a single perception of reality. This is an important theme in the Blueprint, and now has its own section in the GuvWurld News Archive.

More soon on my recent guest lecture at the College of the Redwoods, the Portland adventure, and how Katrina has revealed the true "elephant in the room."



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