Monday, September 05, 2005

Event Announcement: 9-11 – Distrust Your Government Day


When people are invited to take part in “Distrust Your Government Day,” a common response is “Isn’t that every day?” But on Sunday, Sept. 11 at the Mateel in Redway, we have a chance to do it together. A full twelve hours is planned from 10 in the morning til 10 in the evening and all are welcome to take part in all or part of the infamous anniversary of 9-11.

It begins at 10 am with a Sunday-style convocation and a Ceremony of Trust. There are, indeed, things in our lives we do trust. To provide an anchor for the rest of the day’s inquiries, we will hopefully produce a brainstormed list of what can be relied upon in these crisis times. This will be followed by a bit of “Choir Practice” - a sometimes satirical and sometimes sincere expression of songs of war and peace, of the rulers and the misled. Everyone can join in.

After that, we will continue until 10 PM to freely discuss our distrusts – not just with the Government, but with its relentless partners - the Media, the War Machine, Global Corporations, the Electoral System, Big Science, the Law, the War on Terror, the War on Drugs, not to mention Skulls, Bones and Bohos – a veritable feast of Distrust.

Following the Choir, at 11:00 am, our first panel on Distrust will include activists from Sonoma State’s Project Censored, Humboldt County’s Democracy Unlimited, Vet’s for Peace, Civil Liberties Monitoring Project, the Green Party in order to get our program rolling. Tables from these and other organizations will be on hand with information and to provide the sites for ongoing workshops during the day. Besides rapping from the stage, microphones will be set up on the floor of the Mateel to ensure maximum participation from all in attendance during the day.

Music will be a crucial part of “Distrust Your Government Day.” Singer-songwriters
Amy Sorrel, Jan True, Ellen Comp and the band Subconscious Revolt will be among the featured musicians to offer musical commentary through-out the afternoon and evening.

At 1:30 until 3:00, KMUD talk show hosts Jim and Manuel will broadcast their show live from the Mateel. It will be a call-in format as usual with special guests and questions from the hall. Music will follow at 3:00.

At 3:30, a War Crimes Tribunal will take place on stage. A short summary of the evidence and the charges of specific war crimes leveled against the President and other members of his entourage will be made. Two local lawyers, Ed Denson and Eric Kirk, will argue for the prosecution and the defense respectively. The audience will be given the opportunity for questions and then as a Community Jury, the people in attendance will be polled as to their verdict.

After music, a Panel of Resistance will be convened at 5:00 PM. This will feature speakers on stage and in the audience with stories on GI and War resistance, war tax resistance, lifestyle resistance and other ways to turn distrust into positive action.

At 6:00 the evening program will commence with music from our line-up of musicians, along with comedy provided by the Politically Correct Players (Tom, Emma and Paul.)

At 7:00 PM there will be a concluding panel – The Future of Distrust, offering us a concluding perspective to the day. The featured speakers will be Sheldon Wolin, world-class Professor of Political Science, Bart Gruzalski, tireless lecturer at universities and conferences on nonviolence and KMUD commentator, Jackie Pantaleo. Questions and discussion will follow each speaker.

Distrust Your Government Day will conclude with music into the evening.

Upstairs at the Mateel, the People’s Truth Commission will be screening an All Day Presentation of special Videos with themes ranging from Government incompetence to Government complicity surrounding 9-11 and the official War on Terror. Space for workshops and small group discussions will also be available upstairs.

Food and drink will be served during the event, including a dinner which will begin serving after 5:00 PM at a nominal cost. The event itself is free. Childcare will be provided, but kids are encouraged to take part.

Drop in or stay all day on Sunday Sept. 11 at the Mateel in Redway.

The event is sponsored by the Green Party, Greenfuse newspaper, Vet’s for Peace chapter 22 and others.

For more info call 540-9061 or 923 4488.



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