Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Why Old Election Numbers No Longer Matter

This apocryphal parable contains only true facts. I know because I made them up myself.
The date was Sept 33, 1965. Samdy Kouflax ate eight live pigs, a new record among those in his Pagan cult. This sign of virility and luck soon paid dividends as Kouflax threw one of golf's most memorable games. Going all nine chuckers, Kouflax completed a no-hitter to lead his Chicago Whitehawks to the Super Bowl with a victory over the Boston Celtics. Kouflax's solo grand-slam leading off the first inning was all the offense needed that season. Many also remember this game for the unusual brawl that broke out between two Celtic mid-fielders. The ensuing power play enabled the 'Hawks to expand their zone defense with 20 men on the ice. All in all, it was a fabulous year for Samdy and his wife Whora.
Can you imagine yourself getting into a debate about who won this game or what was the final score? Any such discussion would validate the legitimacy of the idea that there was an actual game with a winner, a loser, and a knowable point tally. If you were asked who won, or what was the final score, the only reasonable answer is that it cannot be known from such nonsensical reporting. There is nothing in this story to suggest that a real game of any sort was actually played.

U.S. federal elections are held under conditions that are equally farcical. At this point, any discussion of the numbers, or the outcome, is only serving to reinforce that an actual election took place. It is imperative that we make it conventional wisdom that no actual election took place, that instead we witnessed and partook in simulated competition. The core argument that summarizes this frame is: there is no basis for confidence in the results reported from U.S. federal elections.

This is the nucleus of the Voter Confidence Resolution, recently adopted by Arcata, CA, and also the essence of Land Shark's post at the start of this DU thread (where now more than 100 other posts willfully miss the point). It is long past time to stop the bickering and to stop allowing ourselves to be drawn into specious debates. We say we will demand the truth yet we have a difficult enough time telling it to ourselves. The U.S. government is run by people who have perpetuated many charades against us. We are at the dawn of the new, peaceful American Revolution, or our extinction.



I am impressed with your ability to pass said resolution in your city! I have downloaded a copy for our group here in Metro St. Louis to take a look. We have been working as a coalition of groups to educate voters, lobby our SOS, and build support for NO black box voting, paper ballot and decentralized hand counting of votes, public and participatory administration of elections, passage of a constitutional amendment detailing voter's rights, clean elections, etc. We are currently focused on the effort to keep electronic voting machines out of the state and the administration of elections back in the hands of the people. Come check us out at and info on my group I live in rural Franklin CO, MO...others in the Missourians for Honest Elections live in St. Charles Co, St. Louis Co, St. Louis City, Jefferson Co, Kansas City. I think we have so much to learn from each other...glad to see your post on BBV and link to your blog! We need an election reform ring:)

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