Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Voter Confidence Resolution Finding Wider Recognition

The latest endorsement for the Voter Confidence Resolution comes from Bev Harris at Black Box Voting. HERE she posted the recent press release announcing Arcata's adoption of the resolution, following it with a mention that it would be the lead story of the day, featured HERE with further commentary.

Also running the press release is the Lone Star Iconoclast, the pesky little paper in Crawford, TX - the town where Mr. Bush keeps a ranch.

The Open Voting Consortium added the press release to their home page as the top story. It is a bit lower down now that newer announcements have been added but it also has an archived link.

Somebody added the press release to the Portland Indymedia site HERE.

A Seattle-based moderator posted the resolution on this Kucinich bulletin board.

A Brad Blog reader posted the press release in this discussion about California's decision not to certify Diebold election machines.

CovenantNews.com posted a teaser from the press release, linking to the Iconoclast page for the rest.

The Cannonfire Blog excerpts the press release and links back to the GuvWurld Blog home page.

Dr. Ernest Partridge published a worthwhile essay on The Crisis Papers site ("The GOP is Certain to win in 2006, unless..."), and then included my letter among the responses published on this page.

The SoHum-based Civil Liberties Monitoring Project has a link to the initial posting of the resolution's adoption.

My old pal John in Berkeley has a post titled Arcata Adopts Voter Confidence Resolution on his antiMandate Blog.

Surely more to come...



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