Thursday, August 04, 2005

Diebold Test Results 2x Worse Than Thought

Thanks to Brad Blog for pointing out this story from the Tri-Valley Herald (in GuvWurld News Archive, links to original).
Diebolds latest electronic voting machine, desired by dozens of counties nationwide, fared worse in the nations first mass testing than previously disclosed, with almost 20 percent of the touch-screen machines crashing.

Those software failures are likely to send Diebold programmers back to work and perhaps force the firm into weeks of independent laboratory testing.


Diebold officials say they plan to fix the problems and bring the machines back for a new mass test in late August. But they have confided to some California election officials that they arent certain what caused the touch screens to crash.
We should be beyond this by now but since we are still going through the motions of evaluating these machines there is a seldom-used argument I will invoke: the performance of a relatively small number of machines on testing day has no bearing on the performance of the vast majority of machines that will be deployed on election day without having been individually tested. Further development and testing by Diebold are both unwarranted. The entire exercise of testing (and for that matter, voting too) is really just for show.


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