Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Voter Confidence Resolution on Arcata Council Agenda Again

The Arcata City Council will reconvene Wednesday night at 7pm. Their last meeting ran so late that the Voter Confidence Resolution did not get its scheduled hearing before the self-imposed curfew. This week's agenda (.pdf) again includes the Voter Confidence Resolution although its placement in the New Business section suggests timing may be a similar factor.

The bright spot last time was the strong turnout by community members wanting to speak in favor, and acknowledgment of this by Councilmembers Meserve and Groves who (unsuccessfully) asked Mayor Machi to extend the meeting. I want to encourage everyone to attend this next meeting prepared to address the Council (see the Guide to the Voter Confidence Resolution for an overview of the strategy and talking points), and also to call and/or e-mail Councilmembers in advance of the meeting to register your position.

Michael Machi - 269-0394 - mmmp@htan.org
Dave Meserve - 441-9846 -– greenarcata@hotmail.com
Paul Pitino - 522-0387 - ppitino@arcatacityhall.org
Mark Wheetley - 269-0332 - mwheetley@arcatacityhall.org
Harmony Groves -– 522-0463 -– harmony@harmonyinarcata.com

Incidentally, the lack of recent posts in the GuvWurld blog is not indicative of a lack of activity. In fact it is quite the opposite: I've been so busy that I haven't had time to write about all my activities. This is part of the balancing act of advocacy journalism, a term GuvWurld has made its own:
Publicly stated goals separate advocacy journalists from those with a mere bias; an advocacy journalist is successful to the extent that such goals are achieved.
Do a Google search for "advocacy journalist" and as of this time, the top link comes right back here.



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