Friday, June 17, 2005

Quick Report on Sacramento Trip

I can't write too much right now but here are highlights of the Voting Systems and Procedures Panel hearing that I attended with three other members of the Voter Confidence Committee on Thursday in Sacramento:

Packed (SRO) with election reformers

The crowd immediately stood its ground against a clearly partisan panel chair who opened by trash talking former CA Secretary of State Kevin Shelley - I mean audience members shouted him down

First agenda item was Diebold; one after another fabulous speakers gave great testimony in opposition - no one approved; at 12:30 lunch break was called; one-sided public comment then continued until almost 4pm; they really did give everyone who signed up a chance to speak

After a 4pm break they moved to agenda item #2, ES&S; staff reported and then two out-of-town experts got to testify before the hearing was shut down to be continued tomorrow with public comment

They will also have to get through two other agenda items with public comment: Federal Qualification Process Report and Other Business

In response to specific question, the panel members would not say when exactly they would make their decision; they emphasized that public comment will be open for written submission until 6/30

For more on this event, see these two threads on Democratic Underground.



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