Wednesday, June 08, 2005

New Television Program Seeks Local Solutions

The following is an announcement I received by e-mail:
New Television Program Seeks Local Solutions

HCTV, Public Access Channel 12 in Humboldt County, will begin airing a new locally-produced series called SEEKING SOLUTIONS every Monday at 5 p.m. and Thursday at 6 p.m. beginning Thursday, June 9th.

SEEKING SOLUTIONS producer Eileen McGee exposes the general television-viewing public to more than the usual 90-second television news piece about some of the most important local challenges in our community. Who benefits from public policies? Who pays for our decisions (now and in the future)? Are policies fair and honest? What else do we need know about key issues and decision-makers? Who can we trust? And what can we do to move in more sustainable directions?

"Many of our current economic and cultural models are sending our community down a destructive path from which we may never be able to recover- without local solutions," said McGee. "SEEKING SOLUTIONS is about figuring out now how we can create a livable future here and now for the coming generations – locally and globally."

"SEEKING SOLUTIONS focuses on the exploration of community issues from a progressive, solutions-oriented perspective and provides a forum for in-depth discussions with local people who are working together to provide their community with alternative models for a healthy, sustainable future. "

Upcoming programs include:
  • US military use of depleted uranium;
  • The Humboldt County Peace Ambassador project;
  • Growth and development issues in Humboldt County;
  • Counter military recruitment in local high schools;
  • A conversation with founders of the new local grass-roots political action committee, Local Solutions
  • Hoopa Modular Building Enterprise: Tribal Low-income Home-Building Success
SEEKING SOLUTIONS airs Mondays at 5 PM and Thursdays at 6 PM on HCTV, Cox Cable Channel 12.
This is so needed, overdue really. Eileen has been very friendly to me as I worked on Humboldt Day back in January and then later with the Peace Ambassador. I just sent an e-mail suggesting a feature on the Voter Confidence Committee.



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