Tuesday, May 24, 2005

My Letter to Assemblywoman Patty Berg

written by hand, sent by snail mail 5/24/05

Dear Assemblywoman Patty Berg,

I'm writing this letter to encourage your support of SB 596 which would make it easier for individual communities to implement their preferred voting methods.

I have written a great deal about proposed election reforms and my ideas have been published in the Eureka Times-Standard and Arcata Eye, and discussed on KMUD and KHUM. I've also been quoted in the North Coast Journal, Humboldt Advocate, HSU Lumberjack, Eureka Reporter, and The Independent. An exhaustive collection of my election reform work can be found at: http://guvwurld.blogspot.com.

It should be clear that America's elections are currently conducted under conditions which ensure inconclusive outcomes. The need for election reform could not be greater or more urgent. I welcome your reply, or even better, a chance to speak or meet with you about specific election reform possibilities.

Regardless of whether this comes to pass, please consider support for SB 596 as a means of empowering communities in your jurisdiction to begin the enormous process of identifying and implementing better best practices for elections. It is the least you can do to start creating a new basis for confidence in our elections.

In Respect and Peace,



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