Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Building Bridges, Making Plans

As I mentioned last week, on Monday afternoon I met with Kevin Matlock, Executive Director of the local Republican Party. We started out discussing preferential voting but spent a good part of an hour talking about the causes and cures for society's divisiveness. I was pleased that we could agree that throughout history governments have tightened their grip on power by creating wedges among the public. We acknowledged a common interest in building bridges. I was surprised to learn how poorly some members of the community treat Kevin, and likely other Republicans. He told me several times that he appreciated the respect I showed him and the calm and reasonable manner in which I was speaking, even if he didn't agree with everything. This seemed healthy. I think it is a very big deal that Kevin invited me to address the local Republicans. Details TBD.

The Voter Confidence Committee meeting immediately followed my chat with Kevin. The meeting drew almost twice as many people as last week and everyone accepted some amount of responsibility for action steps before our next meeting. I am highly encouraged by the number of different things we are working on.



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