Saturday, March 19, 2005


I've made lots of little changes starting with the mundane switch of the links from the right to the left. Recently added links include: a new radio interview on No Confidence; a 12 minute video of the presentation that got the Humboldt Greens to endorse the No Confidence Resolution; and I added a link to a new section of the GuvWurld News Archive reserved for materials on Ranked Choice Voting (RCV). This is inside another new and broader section created for election reform. You'll also now find a No Confidence Movement heading in the archive nav bar. It is unfortunate that I placed the original folder under Campaign 2004. It is not visible all the time and I can't move it or hundreds of links would break. Now there is a shortcut in the main list of topics.

Fred Mangels is now a fellow Humboldt County blogger so I want to welcome him to the blogosphere. In his first week or so of blogging he wrote an entry about the No Confidence Resolution. I appreciate any attention drawn to it, criticism and all. I'll write an actual response in the next few days. Meanwhile, Fred's now among the links in the nav bar.

Due to complaints about the Comments feature being quirky I ditched what I had and threw in Blogger's totally suitable system. This did unfortunately cause me to lose the comments that were here.

And last, I was re-reading the strategy and talking points Primer and realized two things. First, I've done a lot of what I wrote up there in November. Sometimes I feel like I'm making it all up as I'm going along here but actually I did write a plan and I've stuck to it.

The other thought was that I hadn't updated the Primer as I imagined I'd be doing. So I've tweaked it a little and added a few new thoughts. It really is the blueprint for everything happening through this site. The most important new item:
I can not overstate the importance of understanding that the No Confidence Resolution posted on this site is a TEMPLATE. This needs to fly in town after town and they don't all have to call for exactly the same reforms. The key frames that make the No Confidence Movement work are BASIS and Consent. As I recently learned in Rebecca Solnit's "Hope In The Dark," revolution is not a mere change in leadership but a shift in the balance of power between the people and their government. Of course, if we are not having a say in elections, in influencing changes in leadership, then how could revolution be anything less than restoring the franchise, and how could that not be a shift in the balance of power?
This has emerged as a way to address groups that get bogged down arguing over precise wording while discussing the No Confidence Resolution, despite an overall sense of approval. It is a hallmark trait of progressives and the notoriously fractured so-called left. It is sabotage and I see it and I'm calling it as I see it and I'm making a win-win offering that allows us not to defeat ourselves. Even if you've read the Primer previously, give it another glance.



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