Wednesday, March 23, 2005

GuvWurld Named Media Liaison For Humboldt Peace Ambassador

In mid-April, retired Arcata educator Linda Sorter will fly to Washington D.C. in her capacity as Humboldt County's first Peace Ambassador. On Tuesday evening, Linda requested that GuvWurld serve as her liaison to the media of Humboldt County during her travels. Madam Ambassador will be filing at least one report daily with GuvWurld which will then coordinate with the mainstream press. According to Linda, Estelle Fennel, news director of KMUD radio, has already asked to arrange daily contact with GuvWurld.

The Peace Ambassadorship is on an open rotating basis. Individuals wishing to serve at least a two-week term including a visit to Washington D.C. should contact me and I will put you in touch with the leaders of Communities For Peace. CFP is planning to devote considerable resources to support and sustain Ambassadors, including stipends to cover most or all expenses, educational briefings on issues, and legwork to arrange meetings and media coverage.

According to both Ambassador Sorter and CFP organizer Ellen Taylor, the program will aim to spark the launch of similar Ambassadorships in other communities. While the emphasis and priority will be to stop the war, no issue exists in a vacuum and the effects of war can be can be presented in the contexts of other concerns. For example, Linda, the former teacher, intends to gather statements from teachers representing every school district in the county in order to show the budget fallout and to provide feedback on No Child Left Behind. Upon arriving in D.C., we can expect Linda to spotlight the poverty found within sight of the White House, as well as to visit military hospitals and cemeteries. Meetings have already been arranged with Rep. Mike Thompson and Sen. Barbara Boxer.

For more background on the Peace Ambassador project, see this GuvWurld blog entry from last Friday. I can now confirm it was written by Ellen Taylor and published that same day in the fledgling conservative newspaper The Eureka Reporter. Similarly, Kathryn Hedges' brilliant letter to the Arcata City Council, also posted in the GuvWurld blog on Friday, has apparently been published in the latest edition of the weekly Arcata Eye though it is not available online.

Everything mentioned above comes under the heading of advocacy journalism, an oft affirmed GuvWurld secondary mission. I am invested in the outcome of events and report on the news I am able to help create. To that end, on Wednesday afternoon I'll be meeting with Humboldt County Supervisor John Woolley to discuss the County's impending decision on purchasing election equipment, as well as the No Confidence Resolution (I hope). I'll post an update on that here tomorrow night.



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