Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Logan Dake Mistaken on Evidence, Still Contends Tyson Misled Times-Standard

GuvWurld has been closely following the story of Logan Dake, formerly a maintenance worker for the City of Eureka who is now challenging the City on two legal fronts. On Logan's behalf, the Labor Commission is pursuing a wrongful termination case while the CA Department of Fair Employment and Housing is exploring discrimination charges.

This past Sunday, the Eureka Times-Standard became the first mainstream media outlet to cover the story. As GuvWurld noted at the time, Logan mostly looked favorably upon this, with one exception. According to the Times-Standard, Eureka City Manager David Tyson "said he has not seen a complaint from" the CA Department of Fair Employment and Housing. Logan promised to provide GuvWurld with documentation proving otherwise.

As it turns out, Logan's copy of the discrimination case was stamped "received" in the San Francisco office of the Department of Fair Employment and Housing, rather than in Mr. Tyson's office as Logan originally asserted. However, Logan notes, additional documents from SF demonstrate that the two offices have corresponded back and forth and so this should call into question Mr. Tyson's forthrightness about having seen the complaint.

Minor sniveling aside, the view from the community must surely be in favor of restoring Logan's job with back pay. The alternative, becoming more clear, would be expensive legal challenges and appeals which, if played all the way out, would be contained by no limit to the settlement Logan could receive. At this stage, were the City to settle with Logan, there is a cap of $150,000 that Logan could be awarded. He claims he is not seeking such a payoff but rather to spare the City the time and expense, if they would just put him back to work.



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