Monday, February 21, 2005

GuvWurld Week In Review

When I get working on logistics, I tend to write less in this space. In the past week I've been focused on gathering info on Instant Runoff Voting, including the San Francisco Department of Elections report (.pdf) on the city's first experience with ranked choice voting. I've also been looking at possible formats and potential facilitators for Eureka's upcoming town hall forum on IRV. By way of an update, there won't be much to say until Scott Menzies and I meet with Eureka Councilmembers Chris Kerrigan on Mike Jones on March 1.

In Arcata, the last City Council meeting had an impressive community outpouring of commentary on the conscientious objector resolution. Wisely, it was only brought forward for discussion, not a vote. The result of the discussion is yet another town hall forum. The No Confidence Resolution was not addressed and I still do not know when that will come out of subcommittee (Dave Meserve and Harmony Groves).

Also worthy of note this week:



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