Monday, February 07, 2005

Government Without Consent

Mike Whitney has written a ruthlessly honest piece for The Progressive Trail called "Government Without Consent." Excerpts:

Beyond the growing evidence of vote manipulation, the administration’s conduct is morally deplorable. Its unambiguous complicity in violations of human rights (torture), its attack on fundamental liberties (The Patriot Act, imprisonment of American citizens without due process) and its illegal waging of aggressive war have eroded its alleged mandate and called into question its right to govern.

The question for the citizen is simply this; when is it no longer acceptable to “do nothing”?


The political avenues for change have dimmed considerably. The Democratic Party poses no alternative to the war mongering and domestic repression initiated by the Bush administration. Moreover, the election of John Kerry (in my opinion) would have stymied genuine change by co-opting activists and transforming their anti-war efforts into a “rubber-stamp” for the occupation. Movements don’t need to compromise; they are free to maintain a pristine anti-war and anti-repression (Patriot Act) platform that reflects the values of its membership. The opportunity for meaningful change is no longer possible within confines of the two-party system. The restoration of basic rights and the end of this bloody, colonial war will only occur through social upheaval. Fortunately, American’s can refer to the founding document, The Declaration of Independence, for inspiration. It is the nation’s roadmap for revolution.


The state cannot be beaten through violence, but only through a carefully considered plan to elicit the sympathies of the American public. It is the shifting of consciousness (hearts and minds) that will precipitate regime change in America, not violence. When that shifting begins, infrastructure begins to shut down and the determination to continue the repression erodes.

To achieve that end, the public must be engaged in activities that cast light on the real nature of the regime. The administration’s devotion to force must be exposed to the broadest possible audience. That requires clever minds and a well-disciplined alternative press. In many respects, these are already in place and simply awaiting a trigger mechanism.
GuvWurld first referred to the No Confidence Resolution as a trigger mechanism in the Arcata Eye last May. Whitney also seems kindred in describing the Declaration of Independence as a "roadmap for revolution." Overall I get the impression that he and I imagine the same model needed for people and events to affect meaningful change. It is an excellent and exciting thing that he sees the pieces in place, awaiting the activation sequence, so to speak.



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