Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Update on Eureka City Council

Earlier this evening the No Confidence Movement was well represented at the Eureka, CA City Council. I was joined by Realizing Community essayist Scott Menzies as well as Anayansi Ricketts, a woman I recently met at the second meeting of Arcata's Election Response Committee. Though I had previously submitted the No Confidence Resolution via e-mail along with this letter, tonight I presented the Council with the resolution in hard copy. My two and a half minutes were eclipsed by Anayansi, reading the following which is reprinted with permission:
Check the history books and you will see America has never lived up to its potential as a democracy. There is something gravely wrong when the same men who argued "all men are created equal," worked to keep the poor women and various ethnic groups disenfranchised.

The hypocrisy is astounding. Here we stand in 2004 in the midst of a voting controversy that no one wants to talk about. It is as if laws which assure each citizen the right to vote have never been passed. No, today it is not Jim Crow that haunts us but instead, inaccurate machinery, fearful attitudes and a deluded nation which believes itself to be righteous, open and free.

The fact that many are disenfranchised cheapens us all. When a person can not trust in election results or be certain that their vote is being counted, we all go uncounted. When parties other than the republican and democrats are excluded from national debates, democracy is stifled and invariably suffocated.

I ask that you the members of the city council back this No Confidence Resolution, the goal of which is to bring about election reform. The time has come to open the channels of communication. I ask you to be the visionaries we need, the leaders we want, the champions of the people. By embracing election reform you embrace true democracy.

This nation continues to ask people to fight for democracy abroad when it still does not really exist at home. Help us bring an end to this hypocrisy.

I am here tonight because I continue to believe that America has the ability to become a great nation. However, we must work towards achieving democracy in both words and deeds.
Scott spoke well too, though without prepared remarks. Nary two hours later I received from Scott a CC'd message that was primarily sent to Eureka Mayor Peter La Vallee. Pending Scott's approval, I hope to post that here tomorrow.

Also tomorrow, that is Wed 12/8 on planet GuvWurld, Anayansi and the rest of the Election Response Committee will be holding their regular weekly meeting (7pm). Plugful thanks to the Redwood Peace and Justice Center for existing and letting us gather.

At the last meeting we spent way more time on No Confidence than I expected. I don't know about tomorrow though I imagine with the update from tonight we should really start looking at generating calls and e-mails (Council contacts below) and media and perhaps a petition. It's also time to make a striking flier. We need an iconic image and a meme. Suggestions welcome.

Courtesy of Eureka City website:

Peter La Vallee Mayor

Mary Beth Wolford Councilmember Ward 1

Virginia Bass-Jackson Councilmember Ward 2

Jeff Leonard Councilmember Ward 3

Chris Kerrigan Councilmember Ward 4

Mike Jones Councilmember Ward 5

See the No Confidence Movement Primer for suggested talking points and general strategy.



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